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    Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a direct followup to the events of Corpse Party (available on the PC and PlayStation®Portable system), as well as the events from the final chapter of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (available on the PlayStation®Portable system).

    As such, the Introduction and Characters sections of this website may contain spoilers for both games, so please read at your own risk!

    While some members of Kisaragi Academy's class 2-9 survived their trip to the hellish, otherworldly elementary school known as Heavenly Host, many did not...and those who were unfortunate enough to perish within its halls were doomed to remain there forever, eternally reliving the pain they felt at the exact moment of death. Worse still, all memories and records of their existence were wiped from the face of the earth, leaving only those who survived the ordeal to mourn their loss.

    The last hope of reverting these miserable fates rested with an ancient tome known as the Book of Shadows, but Ayumi Shinozaki’s misguided attempts to employ its power claimed yet another victim, and the book was forever lost in the chaos...or was it?

    When an acquaintance of the deceased turns up with a spiritual photograph suggesting the Book of Shadows may now reside in the tattered remains of Heavenly Host, Ayumi becomes obsessed with finding it so she can attempt once more to bring back her lost friends…


    Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the final instalment of the story that began with Corpse Party and continued in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Players take direct control of a character or party of characters and explore the ruins of Heavenly Host Elementary and other locations from a top-down 3D perspective.

    Along the way, they'll be dodging or disarming traps, running from malicious entities, solving puzzles and directly interacting with the environment to trigger visual novel-style cutscenes that advance the story and lead to one of many endings, with very few of them being happy…

    Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the first in the series to be released on the PS Vita, and has a wealth of features making in the most comprehensive entry in the series so far:

    • Highly Detailed 3D Environments with Dynamic Lighting - Players can use an in-game flashlight to experience Heavenly Host Elementary in full 3D for the first time, with all of its formerly 2D environments meticulously recreated and greatly expanded.

    • New Gameplay Systems for More Exciting Interactions - Run in short bursts, disarm traps, hide in cabinets from pursuers and more; Heavenly Host now has far more ways to kill while also providing far more options for players to fight back.

    • All the extras you'd expect - Binaural 3D audio for simulated surround sound and the screen-altering "Darkening" system make their return, along with unlockables like voice actor interviews, art and music, and more.

    • Choose your own path - Boasting 11 huge story chapters and 8 supplemental "Extra Chapters," Blood Drive caps off the Heavenly Host storyline in a big way, providing answers and shocking twists in equal measure.


    Physical Edition - £29.99

    The official, European/Australian physical version of Corpse Party: Blood Drive for PlayStation Vita!

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    Everafter Edition - £39.99

    This is the Everafter edition of Corpse Party: Blood Drive on PlayStation Vita.

    The Everafter Edition includes:

    • A physical copy of Corpse Party: Blood Drive
    • 2 Disk Official soundtrack featuring selected music from the game
    • Gorgeous 100 page art book!

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    Heavenly Host Edition - £49.99

    This is THE definitive edition of Corpse Party: Blood Drive on PlayStation Vita. If you love everything Corpse Party or you're a collector of limited editions then this is the package for you!

    The Heavenly Host Edition includes:

    • A physical copy of Corpse Party: Blood Drive
    • 2 Disk Official soundtrack featuring selected music from the game
    • Gorgeous 100 page art book!
    • Two Pin-Jack Mascot Figurines featuring Ayumi Shinozaki & Yuka Mochida!

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    The items in each edition will be will be made to order, and so full refunds will be available at any time up until we make said order. We’ll make sure to announce on the ‘updates’ page when exactly this will be. We’ll also be adding regular updates on the same page, so make sure to check back often to see how we are getting along.

    As for progress on the localisation itself, things are going well so far. While we have no official release date to announce just yet, our target month is October - just in time for Halloween! Please be aware that dates do slip sometimes, so it's possible that the game will come a little later.

    Corpse Party: Blood Drive will also be released digitally via the PlayStation Store, and the physical and digital release dates will be synchronised as closely as possible.


  • Returning Characters

    Ayumi Shinozaki

    Japanese: 篠崎 あゆみ
    Voiced By: Asami Imai

    Haunted by her failure at the Shinozaki estate, Ayumi is determined to set things right by locating the missing Book of Shadows and resurrecting her friends, but she doesn’t want to get any of her living companions involved – she’s cost enough people their lives as it is...

    Naomi Nakashima

    Japanese: 中嶋 直美
    Voiced By: Rina Sato

    Still reeling from the loss of her best friend, Naomi’s mental decline is fueled by her mother’s stalwart insistence that Seiko never even existed in the first place...and it seems like this conflict is taking its toll on the mother as well, creating a dangerous standoff within the Nakashima household...

    Yoshiki Kishinuma

    Japanese: 岸沼 良樹
    Voiced By: Yuichi Nakamura

    In stark contrast to Ayumi, Yoshiki believes (perhaps rightfully so) that any further attempts to “save” those who’ve been lost will only wind up costing more lives and more pain in the end, so he’s determined to stop Ayumi from making another mistake...even if it means shaking her faith in him.

    Satoshi Mochida

    Japanese: 持田 哲志
    Voiced By: Hiro Shimono

    Ever the everyman, Satoshi finds himself caught in the midst of another supernatural excursion while his home life quickly transforms into anime hijinks 101. Although he’s still as scared as ever, the women in his life all find themselves counting on him for support, so he’ll need to man up fast in order to get his friends (and family) through this difficult time.

    Yuka Mochida

    Japanese: 持田 由香
    Voiced By: Eri Kitamura

    Still haunted by her experience in Heavenly Host, Yuka’s been suffering irregularities within her body that no doctors can treat, and has become overprotective of her big brother. The only people capable of soothing her spirits seem to be Naomi, Ms. Kuon and her best friend from school, Satsuki.

    Sachiko Shinozaki

    Japanese: 篠崎 サチコ
    Voiced By: Ikue Ohtani

    Heavenly Host should have been tied to Sachiko, and when Sachiko’s spirit was appeased, the school should’ve vanished. But it didn’ does that mean Sachiko still dwells within its halls? Or is there more to this story than meets the eye...?

    New Characters

    Misuto Kiriya

    Japanese: 桐谷 御簾徒
    Voiced By: Jun Ohsuka

    A mysterious boy who’s always sporting his favorite parka, Misuto seems to have ample supernatural knowledge and ability, but to what end he plans on using either is anyone’s guess. His most notable trait is his absolute disregard for common courtesy, including the constant use of foul language, constant berating of those around him and a wholly dismissive attitude in general. Yet somehow, he still elicits a certain sense of trustworthiness...

    Ms. Kuon Niwa

    Japanese: 丹羽 玖遠
    Voiced By: Saori Hayami

    The woman who’s taken Ms. Yui’s place as class 2-9’s T.A. in this version of reality. By day, she teaches, but by night, she works as the CEO of a highly successful company that produces and sells spiritual charms and knick-knacks. Because of her business status and her highly personable nature, she has subordinates ready and waiting to do her bidding, no matter how preposterous that bidding may be. And given her many whims and talents alike, her biddings typically are quite absurd indeed...

    Magari Mizuki

    Japanese: 十三月 愛狩
    Voiced By: Maaya Uchida

    An elite member of a dangerous cult, Magari has an extraordinarily foul mouth, beautiful skin (which she loves to show off), a sharp scythe that she can shrink down to fit in her pocket, and a profound sense of superiority to literally every other human being on the planet. She’s not someone to be crossed, but unfortunately, she seeks the same thing Ayumi Shinozaki is after: the Book of Shadows. Which means, sooner or later, sparks are surely going to fly...


    Japanese: 篠崎 さち
    Voiced By: Yui Kondo

    A tiny black-haired girl with a creepy smile. Her name may or may not actually be Sachi – that’s just the only comprehensible word she uttered upon first contact. Nothing is known about Sachi except that she can’t effectively communicate, and her actions suggest she’s ludicrously cruel and sadistic. What is her connection to Heavenly Host? And how much of a threat does she pose...?

    Satsuki Mizuhara

    Japanese:水原 さつき
    Voiced By: Yumi Hara

    Yuka’s best friend from school. Endlessly peppy, utterly shameless and overall pleasant company, Satsuki is constantly munching on potato chips from one of several bags she keeps hidden in her skirt. Although she seems like a highly simplistic person at first glance, Satsuki has a complicated home life which she regularly brushes aside when asked about, claiming her mother and father to be entirely hands-off when it comes to parenting, allowing her to run free and do as she will. Somehow, though, it seems like there may be more to it than that...

    Aiko Niwa

    Japanese: 丹羽 亜衣子
    Voiced By: Rikako Yamaguchi

    A self-proclaimed “supernatural intelligence agent” whose sole purpose in life seems to be the collection of “spirit items” – objects possessed by the vengeful spirits of those who died in agony. She has a generally jovial and upbeat personality, but uses it almost solely to strike business deals in order to further her collection. She technically lives with her sister, Kuon, but due to Kuon’s busy lifestyle, the two siblings rarely ever cross paths.

    Haruyuki Inumaru

    Japanese: 犬丸 晴行
    Voiced By: Tomohiro Yamaguchi

    “Inu” is the Japanese word for “dog,” making Inumaru a very apt name for this endlessly loyal, obedient and energetic classmate to Naho Saenoki and Sayaka Ooue. He’s as attached to his beloved Sayaka as a pet dog would be to its master, and will do literally anything for her, whether she likes it or not. His one-track mind gives him a certain air of dim-wittedness, but in actuality, he’s a man with greatly honed psychic powers, and a highly receptive spiritual medium to boot.


    What are your billing terms?
    You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. We bill you in full at the time of your order. Our full terms and conditions can be seen here.

    Why do you take the funds from my credit card now, rather than waiting until the game is released?
    As mentioned in the ‘Project Outline’ section, the primary reason for taking funds in advance is to actually cover the costs of manufacturing the limited edition extras, which are made to order.

    What if I change my mind and want a refund?
    Full refunds are available at any time until we place the orders with our suppliers - so if for any reason you change your mind before this, you’re free to get your money back without question. After that, because units are being made to order, we're unable to allow cancellation. Similarly, if you decide later on that the Everafter Edition is too good to miss out on, you’ll be able to request a refund and then upgrade! If you would like a refund then you should contact

    When will you announce the release date?
    Our target release date is October 2015 - just in time for Halloween! The final release date will depend on two key factors. The game will need to pass Sony quality assurance - the required time for this can vary significantly depending on whether any significant bugs are discovered during the QA process, and the time taken for the game's developer to fix them. Finally, it’s our intention to try to synchronise our launch with XSEED (Marvelous USA) so this may also be an influencing factor. So, please take the target release date only as an estimate. We will, of course, keep you updated on any changes to that date.

    Please note, the game is already launched in Japan - your pre-order payments are not to support the development of the game, just the production of the physical versions for the European/Australian territories.

    What languages will be available?
    Corpse Party: Blood Drive will only be available in English, with the original Japanese voiceovers.

    Will it be PlayStation TV Compatible?
    The game SHOULD be PlayStation TV compatible at launch. We do not expect any problems surrounding compatibility at this stage. As with everything else, if we encounter any unforseen difficulties we'll sure to make this known on our Twitter account (@marvelous_games) and our website (

    Is Corpse Party: Blood Drive appropriate for all ages?
    No it is not! The game is not for the faint-hearted and it does contain violent scenes which make it inappropriate for younger audiences.

    Corpse Party: Blood Drive is rated 18 by PEGI (for most of Europe), 16 by USK (Germany) and MA15+ (Australia).

    Will Corpse Party: Blood Drive be released Digitally?
    Yes, Corpse Party: Blood Drive will also be released digitally on the PlayStation®Store for the PS Vita, and the physical and digital release dates will be synchronised as closely as possible.

    Will these copies of Corpse Party: Blood Drive work on any PlayStation Vita system?
    In short, yes they will. As the PlayStation Vita is region free for physical copies, the EU versions of Corpse Party: Blood Drive sold on this website will work on all systems. We will however ONLY sell to those people living in 'PAL' territories (Europe, Australia, NZ, Africa, Middle East). If you are from the USA or South America we advise you to purchase the game from our good friends over at XSEED Games.

    How are delivery costs calculated?
    We are based in the UK (Kent to be precise) and we’ll be sending all of our deliveries out from a warehouse based in the UK. This means that the shipping costs of each edition will vary depending on where you are based geographically.

    These varying costs are all based on the prices charged to us for shipping by our logistics suppliers. The only costs we are adding on are the shipping itself. Other things - packaging, boxes, etc, are all included in our base prices. We will not be making ANY profit or markup on shipping costs. We did explore the possibility of having a separate warehouse in mainland Europe, but the logistical issues caused by this meant that it was not viable at this stage.

    Why are the shipping costs high?
    It's important to us that everyone gets their packages safely, so we are only using 'tracked and signed' shipping for all orders. This does add some cost, unfortunately.

    What about taxes?
    The prices shown on the home page are inclusive of EU VAT at 20%. If you're in the EU, your shipping cost is also subject to VAT.

    Those outside the EU - when you get to the checkout and enter your country for delivery, the VAT will be removed from your bill, and you will not be charged VAT on your delivery costs. However, please be aware that you may be liable for import taxes or other charges when taking delivery into your country. You are responsible for paying all these taxes yourself, and may find that you have to make a payment to your local customs or delivery company before they are able to release the package to you.

    What is your policy on censorship?
    Our intention is to release a version of Corpse Party: Blood Drive that is identical to the version released by our friends over at XSEED (Marvelous USA). Our community manager (@Drazzan) will be ensuring that we are as transparent as possible, so if any changes are required we will update this page and our website with all relevant information.

    Will the game be available in shops?
    Currently, our plan is make these physical editions available for preorder exclusively via our own websites, then possibly open things up to our own Amazon store post-launch. If this changes we will be sure to make this well known.

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